gmsecLogo300The Gallatin-Madison Special Education Cooperative is driven by the belief that all children can learn and achieve through our dedication, knowledge, creativity, and compassion. We are committed partners with parents, educational professionals and communities. The Gallatin-Madison Cooperative staff “go the extra mile” in order to provide children with exceptional abilities the same opportunities as other children for a meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling life.

Healthy relationships of trust and appreciation are the cornerstone that creates a synergy for our efforts and achievements.
- Actively facilitate parent and general educator participation in development and implementation of individualized education plans and pre-referral intervention plans to achieve positive student outcomes.
- Strategic involvement in district-level student focused teams such as Student Assistance teams, Response to Intervention and/or Multi-Tier Systems of Support teams.
- Proactive communication and collaborative planning for student service delivery, meetings and staff assignments within member schools.
- Active members of our school district teams that share knowledge and resources. We utilize our own expertise while respecting the expertise of others.
- Fiercely loyal and supportive of each other and our shared purpose.

We promote understanding and deep appreciation of the diversity in learners, children and adults alike.
- Model and promote people first language.
- High emphasis on student, adult and system ability when developing and promoting solutions.
- Seamless inclusion and support of all students where each student’s talents, learning styles and diversity are celebrated in strength-focused instruction.
- Respectful of each district’s culture and school climate in order to be actively involved and supportive of team process.

Excellence for the Gallatin - Madison Cooperative staff is achieved through targeted and deliberate professional growth.
- Support and engage in research-based and evidence based practice that are integrated to meet the needs of each student.
- Partner with general education initiatives such as MTSS, Common Core, Graduation Matters, implementation of the IDEA and ESSA for positive student outcomes.
- Continuously develop the depth and breadth of special competencies, body of knowledge, methods and values.
- Active participation in state professional affiliations such as MASHA, MCEC, MASP as well as CSPD and OPI efforts that promote integrated models of education for all children.
- Promote a culture of ambitious goals and high expectations for professional improvement.